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Science Revealed

by Rev. Nemu


ISBN:  9780992808808


PRICE: £8.99


Reverend Nemu's Science Revealed shows the process of apocalypse at work in scientific discovery, in the psychology of non-normal states, and in transformative catastrophes in evolutionary and social history. Despite the inelegance of street preachers and the disinterest of the sensible majority, the apocalypse is relevant to our lives, and becoming more so every day. Part 2 - Neuroapocalypse - is due out Winter, 2014. Read an interview with Reverend Nemu here:


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"Erin, is a tour de force - a riot shot through with shafts of light and garbled mists of doom.  I just sat down to have a look at the opening pages and read half of it at a gulp. Wow! It took me back, right back to my crazy, hazy festival days of the sixties and seventies... The trolls, the technology and the generations of festival-goers were different (we were all young in those days) but the substances, reality switches and the divine muddle were eminently recognisable. Rob's handling of the levels of chaos is masterful. Only someone who's been there and come out the other side could have come up with this disturbing mini-masterpiece. Read at your peril!"


                         - Leaf Fielding, author of To Live Outside the Law


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